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Project Updates

The development of the Downtown Gilroy Station Area Plan commenced in April 2015. Currently, the planning process is at the Opportunities and Constraints Report phase. This Opportunities and Constraints Report evaluates the existing conditions of the Plan Area to identify the opportunities and constraints related to future development. The key issues explored include land use and economic development; transportation and parking; infrastructure; and environmental issues. The draft report was released for public review on October 23, 2015 and is available for download on the DOCUMENTS page.

Project Overview

The Downtown Gilroy Station Area Plan (Station Area Plan) is both an update to the existing Downtown Specific Plan, which was adopted in November 2005, and a continuation of the Gilroy High Speed Train (HST) visioning process, which helped the community identify the best possible arrangement for HST in Gilroy from 2011 to 2012. The Station Area Plan will act as a tool to guide private development and public improvements in Downtown over the next 25 years with a focus on the area near the future HST station and railroad tracks. Visit the Overview page to read more.

El Plan para el Área de la Estación del Centro de Gilroy
El Plan para el Área de la Estación del Centro de Gilroy es tanto una actualización al Plan Específico del Centro, que fue adoptado en noviembre del 2005, como una continuación al proceso de visión para el Tren de Alta Velocidad (TAV) en Gilroy, que a su vez ayudó a que la comunidad identificara el mejor arreglo posible para el TAV del 2011 al 2012. El Plan para el Área de la Estación servirá como una guía para el desarrollo privado y las mejoras públicas en el Centro de Gilroy por los próximos 25 años, con un enfoque en el área más cercana a la futura estación del TAV y a las vías del tren. Habrá varias oportunidades para que la comunidad y partes interesadas se involucren en el proceso de planeación a través de sesiones de estudio, juntas comunales y del comité de asesoramiento, así como participación en línea.

Upcoming Meetings

The City Council and Planning Commission will hold a joint meeting in February 2016 to discuss three conceptual land use and circulation alternatives for the project. Each alternative will include various elements, including land use distribution, type and intensity of development, urban design, open space, streetscape design, and circulation. Click here for more information.

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California High Speed Rail

In 2008, California voters approved High-Speed Rail (HSR) between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The approved route will pass through Gilroy on its way up to the peninsula. The City of Gilroy is working closely with the California High-Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA), other communities, and relevant agencies to plan for future land use and infrastructure within the Gilroy Station Area. For more information about high-speed rail, visit the CHSRA’s website.